New Zoom Setup

Nothing like finding an old desk lamp that is absolutely perfect as a webcam boom. Nicely weighted and positionable, and the lampshade can be rotated to hold the camera like it would sit on a laptop ! Best part is that I no longer have to squeeze through two feet of a tripod. It is great to be able to repurpose old items, but I almost missed this idea. Never throw anything out ? Well, I don’t absolutely agree with this philosophy, but in this case it worked to my advantage to be a pack rat, albeit an organized one…(sarcastic grin emoji)

Cherry Blossom Workshop

Scheduled for March!

This class covers simple drawing of flowers through a formula, and negative space created by line and backfill washes. The idea is to keep the painting light and loose, which is especially hard to elicit from a student on Zoom, because I can’t see what they are painting as well as they can see my demo. How do your paint a light watercolor subject and keep the background light as well ? This class gives you a technique to do exactly that, and the technique can be applied to many other subject form dogwood flowers to still life to landscape.

2023 , 10 x 12 , Watercolor

Off the Hook

This painting is very true to me as an artist. I am interested in personal, pertinent and complicated and random composition. I enjoy creating these works like they are jigsaw puzzles: addictive, time consuming and rewarding. A small, ancient acrylic box full of framing hardware, inherited from my dad, is the subject. Quite a bit of history in there. And a little bit of rusted recollection.

2023 , 10 x 14 , Watercolor

Portrait Studies

This is a work that I painted from photos of a grand niece and nephew being cute. I am not a portrait painter by any means, though I aim to hone the craft. Those who can truly call themselves portraitists have a real gift. From my own experience, a dab of paint that is only a millimeter or two off can completely change the likeness, for good or bad, for accuracy or disaster !

Watercolor Workshop – Seascape I

This is my second watercolor workshop. Areas covered include the use of wet in wet washes, friskets or masks, rendering atmospheric perspective and reflections in water. The class is a little freer for the new student, compared to Winter Woods, and allows a little more personal choice with regard to color and composition. This is what the progression of the painting looks like…

And these are the fantastic results !

Credits Above: Clockwise from top left: my demo, Barb Marks, Joan Melega and Sue Scharnagl

Credit Below: Dave Fucio

Virtual Watercolor Workshop Studio Setup

This is my tiny studio set up for a Zoom teaching/participatory workshop. I used hardware that I already had, with the exception of the addition of a second webcam which was necessary to highlight my paper as I painted. The on board webcam from my laptop was pointed at me when I was discussing the progress or engaging with each student. I am still perfecting the process, discovering something that needs work each time. Next workshop TBA!

My test student’s work. Thanks, Dave…a nice vivid interpretation looking a little expressionistic and colorful.

PHS Reunion Watercolor Workshops I and II

“Winter Woods” was the subject of my first virtual watercolor workshop via Zoom. Participants were given worksheets ahead of time, and then we met online to paint! With two students at a time, and two hours, great results were achieved !

Credits: Robert Newman, Ken Gibson, Joan Mathis Melega and Barb Parsons Marks

Cardinal in the Snow

“Cardinal in the Snow” was created as cover art for a musician friend of mine, to accompany a new song of the same name. I painted the cardinal from a photo, and added an imagined backyard, not unlink what I might see from my back porch. This is an early holiday greeting, y’all ! Please have a listen to this lovely song, layered with great harmony and moving sentiment.

Winter Cardinal

This is not unlike the previous “Squirrel” and “Chipmunk” designs: computer generated from photos that I have taken of the denizens of my back yard. I added the snow and the snowy greenery for balance. Sorry for the large copyright overlay, but this is a digitally created image, so it doesn’t hurt to be careful.

2022, Computer Generated

Starting Line-Delaware River

I was inspired to paint this from a black and white photo. Really. I scanned it in and played with some filters to create color that I would not normally use. I painted roughly from this new photo to create a very new look for me. It is interesting to broaden your horizons with computer applications that can be pretty mind bending, ultra saturated and unnatural if not used carefully. In this case, I was very conservative and the use of digital inspiration has expanded my creativity. But I have to also be sure that it’s use is not a crutch to be used every day. Tomorrow I will have to exercise my brain by working from life.

The photo is from my hometown. I used to love to watch the sailboats from shore, and was never able to participate. Not from a sailing family. However, I have often taken advantage of sailing in other places!

2022, 14 x 18, Watercolor